P2PoW — Delegated Proof of Work

A P2P solution for Nano PoW



Nano PoW benchmarks: works per second

The P2P Solution:

P2PoW —Diagram

Alice wants to send 1 Nano to Bob.
For this she needs to do the Proof of Work of the transaction. But Alice’s hardware is simple and she doesn’t want to wait too long for PoW to finish.
So she creates the transaction, but doesn’t do the proof of work, instead he hires George to do it. Because George has a great equipment for it.
But George doesn’t want to have to trust Alice, because she might not pay him after work.
Alice also doesn’t want to pay and expect George’s work, because George may not do PoW after being paid.
So, to solve this problem, Alice signs another transaction of 0.001 Nano for George, but put this after Bob’s transaction.
Thus, the transaction for George can only be validated if the transaction for Bob is validated in the network first.
So George needs to do the Bob transaction PoW, the reward Pow and then broadcasting, only then he gets his reward.

Worker API

Web Demo:




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