Nano P2PoW

Delegated Proof of Work, now P2PoW. Updates and news!

NanoJam victory and Rebranding

The importance of P2PoW for Nano

Worker API Update -> V2.0.0

- Adapting to the new difficulty



-Support for IPV6

-Improvement of code in modules

P2PoW Client JS

P2PoW Web Demo

Atualização do site

Implementations: C, PHP, IoT and Wallet with P2PoW!

myNanoEmbedded: lightweight C library

myNanoPHP: library to integrate Nano to PHP




Nano Pruning — What will change in P2PoW

The future of P2PoW


Discord Channel

Desenvolvedor, cripto-entusiasta e criptolibertário

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