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Nano Profile Client

{“successful”:true, “account”:”nano_35g1u9tcf93khx1hjdsdgo1i6eu4bty6fsc8zifo7yfn368i9nweg3zfbz5p”, “blockRegister”:”709BE02EA0C4111B985A51FAA4F4D4D758AFCA6F8F0FF2972EAAC8CF6F420DB3", “imageHash”:”QmaBvRuuYgX5nsJfKvLuJo3eDDTJUhuiUCwE7kT5gsbCgY”, “imageLink”:”", “imageSize”:57589, “localTimestamp”:”1589995691"}

Technical informations

Centralization is a thing of the past

Advantages of using Nano + IPFS:

Keeping Replicators in sync with the most recent image

Managing the storage

Blacklists: Eliminating inappropriate content


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Desenvolvedor, cripto-entusiasta e criptolibertário

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