Kaique Anarkrypto
4 min readJul 20, 2021


New Nano Faucet Open Source and Integrable ⋰·⋰

One of the most common ways for people to get to know the Nano cryptocurrency is by earning free micro-fractions through faucets. Since Nano is instantaneous, extremely divisible and no fees, this process is totally feasible and inexpensive.

Some months ago I had the need to integrate a nano faucet into a web application. But the current faucets don’t provide any kind of API for that and they weren’t developed to work well inside iframes either.

That’s why I decided to make a new faucet. It is with great pleasure that I present:

NanoDrop is not only another Nano faucet, but the first Nano Open Source Faucet, transparent and integrable through customizable Checkbox and API.

I used Google’s reCaptcha checkbox as inspiration.

Soon anyone will be able to integrate this checkbox on their own website or app! Imagine websites distributing Nano or maybe using this checkbox to sign up users and etc? This is totally possible and extremely beneficial for Nano!

NanoDrop includes:

  • Faucet with customizable checkbox.
  • QR code reader.
  • Nano deposits / donations automatically received.
  • Real-time pay table with websockets.
  • Anti-spam and anti-bot barriers such as:

— “Tickets” with amount, ip and timestamp signed using Nano’s algorithm

— Google reCaptcha V2 — forces the user to solve the recaptcha challenge

— Google reCaptcha V3 — Gives the user a score to ensure they are not a bot

— Google oAuth — If the user’s score is low, it requires login through a Google account

— Limit per Nano account

— Limit per IP address

— Limit per email address

  • PoW cache, allowing for always instant transactions.
  • Public API for faucet data.

Here is a preview of the process:

Of course, a dark theme couldn’t be missing either! It automatically adjusts with user settings.

Calculation of each drop:

Returns 0.01% of the balance, rounded down.

Example: With a balance of 1.145 Nano, returns 0.0001 instead 0.000145

Or returns the maximum configured amount, by default = 0.01 Nano.

If there is not enough balance, an error is displayed.


NanoDrop also works with an intelligent Ticket system, in which after loading the checkbox, a “ticket/token” is issued to the user, with the drop amount, IP and validity data signed using Nano’s algorithm. So he makes a “reserve” that can be validated.


Open Source

Want to inspect the code and maybe even use it in your own faucet? It’s for now!


You can also get various faucet information via API. There’s nothing to hide!

Funding — Donate

NanoDrop is a free, voluntary and open source initiative. We don’t use ads, we don’t sell personal data. Our focus is to bring Nano to the masses.

This project only arrived here after several weeks of hard work. I thank anyone who can contribute with my work.

You can contribute with Nano:



NanoDrop Discord channel:

I am very grateful for the success that this project’s post had on Nanocurrency Reddit channel:

Thanks for your attention. I hope this project changes the future of our dear Nano!


Let’s bring Nano to the masses with